Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tonight we had a good time

We spent some time with each other and went to a nice and fantastic fast food restaurant. By the way, it's close to the anniversary, our first date. It's on 30th April.

Friday, April 13, 2012

a time of a great sorrow

After struggling and fighting with mommy about nothing but bullshit I would like to read this poem from Sohrab Sepehri
نه تو می مانی و نه اندوه
و نه هيچ يک از مردم اين آبادی
به حباب نگران لب يک رود قسم،
و به کوتاهی آن لحظه شادی که گذشت
غصه هم می گذرد...
آنچنانی که فقط خاطره ای خواهد ماند...
لحظه ها عريانند !
به تن لحظه خود، جامه اندوه مپوشان هرگز...

سهراب سپهری

Living abroad

The United States of America
USA, You've given me a reason to live.

بر جفای خار هجران صبر بلبل بایدش

باغبان گر پنج روزی صحبت گل بایدش
  مرغ زیرک چون به دام افتد تحمل بایدش
ای دل اندربند زلفش از پریشانی منال
کار ملک است آن که تدبیر و تامل بایدش
رند عالم سوز را با مصلحت بینی چه کار
راهرو گر صد هنر دارد توکل بایدش
تکیه بر تقوا و دانش در طریقت کافریست
هر که روی یاسمین و جعد سنبل بایدش
با چنین زلف و رخش بادا نظربازی حرام

این دل شوریده تا آن جعد و کاکل بایدش

نازها زان نرگس مستانه‌اش باید کشید

دور چون با عاشقان افتد تسلسل بایدش

ساقیا در گردش ساغر تعلل تا به چند
عاشق مسکین چرا چندین تجمل بایدش
کیست حافظ تا ننوشد باده بی آواز رود

Friday, April 6, 2012

Daddy, What If?

Daddy, What if?

BBJ: Daddy, what if the sun stopped shining?
What would happen then?

BB: If the sun stopped shining, you'd be so surprised
You'd stare at the heavens with wide open eyes,
And the wind would carry your light to the skies
And the sun would start shining again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if the wind stopped blowing?
What would happen then?

BB: If the wind stopped blowing, then the land would be dry,
And your boat wouldn't sail and, son, your kite couldn't fly,
And the grass would see your trouble and she'd tell the wind,
And the wind would start blowing again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if the grass stopped growing?
What would happen then?

BB: Well, if the grass stopped growing you'd probably cry,
And the ground would be watered by the tears from your eyes,
And like your love for me, that grass would grow so high.
Yes, the grass would start growing again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if I stopped loving you?
What would happen then?

BB: If you stopped loving me, then the grass would stop growing,
The sun would stop shining and the wind would stop blowing.
So you see, if you wanna keep this old world a'going,
You'd better start loving me again, again...
You better start loving me again.
You hear me, Bobby?

BOTH: You better start loving me again.
(You love me, Bobby? Yes)
You better start loving me again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

a text from cell phone

I'm in the bed. I'm just sending this text through my cell phone(sony ericsson S 300)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Secret Scrolls

Our natural state of being is joy, and it takes so much energy to think negative thoughts, to speak negative words, and to feel miserable. The easy path is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.
Take the easy path.